Are you a “Call of Duty” fan? Do you relish in adrenaline-packed competition? How about high-octane fun? Well then, you’ve just found the most thrilling combat action adventure that is sure to be a hit with you and all of your family and friends. Back40Battles (B40B) Mobile Combat LaserTag is the perfect activity for birthday parties, frat/sorority parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, school sports teams, youth groups, family reunions, church functions, corporate team building and other groups that are looking for a realistic and exciting combat gaming experience.

This is so much more than you’re traditional indoor laser tag. When you experience our version you will no longer associate it with indoor “kids play” that utilizes cheap plastic taggers, heavy sensor vests, black lights and a cheesy game play environment that only last a few minutes. Our Mobile Combat LaserTag events average around 1.5 hours. Typically, two teams are formed and square off against each other in combat-styled missions that combine an immense amount of fun and frenzy. Players engage in live combat using the most realistic and advanced laser tag weapons in the industry. The missions are COMBAT themed and played out like a battlefield engagement using tactics and strategy.

What is the strategy you ask? Simply take out the opposing force with as much cunning and firepower as you can muster. However, when you get “hit” too many times and run out of "health", just RUN back to your base and “Respawn”. VIOLLA!!! You’re right back in the heat of the battle again. Players keep doing this until the mission objective has been met or the mission time has run out. After the mission has ended the Field Marshall tallies the teams’ statistics to determine the winner of the mission…then the excitement all starts again with a new mission and objective. We have many missions that can be deployed; some focus on teamwork, some on simple team domination, while others are on strategy and tactics.

B40B’s Armory has some of the top laser tag weapons being produced today. Some, such as the M4 Carbine, were developed and produced with the consultation of former U.S. Army Special Forces members. B40B’s weapons are very realistic in appearance, weight and performance. They can be used in almost any outdoor/indoor environment, including broad daylight, gusty winds or even light rain. When on the battlefield these weapons provide an engaging experience. Most are equipped with a high-end Red Dot Scope and on-board LCD display for real-time feedback that keeps you informed of your performance during game play (check out the Armory Page). Can you imagine battling it out on the field of your choosing and taking out your target up to 2000ft away!!! This type of scenario is very possible if your battlefield is large enough.

This is the future of outdoor combat gaming. Unlike “Paintball” and “Airsoft” our weapons utilize HARMLESS infrared (IR) light (like your TV remote), but shoot with amazing accuracy and distance. When we play there is no use of clumsy, heavy, hot vests or sweaty, cumbersome face masks for protection. In fact, wear whatever you like, but we do advise that you wear close toed foot wear and attire that is suitable to the battle area. Since there is NO physical projectile being shot at you there is NO PAIN and NO MESS. As well, there is NO DISRUPTION from trying to reload paintballs or wipe your mask clean from paint. Now you can focus on the fast pace of thrilling Combat LaserTag game play.

For mobile parties or events at your location, we will set up our unique set of combat barricades while trying to incorporate the natural surrounding for even more cover and concealment. We have found that a tennis court size area or larger is best. However, the bigger the area the better the experience will be. Once players have received their safety instructions, they will be given their weapon. Thereafter, our Field Marshall will instruct the players on weapon functionality, their proper use, the battlefield rules and the objective(s) of the mission.