Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many phone calls asking similar questions... So we have assembled some of the most popular questions that people call and ask.

Q. What are the requirements to reserve a B40B Mobile Combat LaserTag event?

  • Participants must be at least 8 year of age.  While some of the guests could be 7 (which is normal for an eight year old birthday party), we do not go younger than 7, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A signed B40B Waiver form for each individual playing is required before that participant can be outfitted for game play.  Minors (under 18) must have a waiver form signed by their parent or legal guardian.  NOTE: This waiver is only provided electronically HERE.
  • Ability to leave a 50% deposit of the cost upon reservation confirmation.
  • An area at least 50’ X 100’ or the ability to play in an asymmetrical location that is battle friendly (e.g. the perimeter of your home or place of business). We can accommodate indoor locations as well. Please call if you have questions.
    • Most of our laser tag parties are held at private residences. You'll want to have one of these two above options to maximize the fun. We can do smaller yards for young children, but older kids and adults will want plenty of room to move around.
    • If you find it difficult to find a property in which to have your event, the City of Las Cruces has many parks that have areas within the park that can be reserved for a fee (~$50) for a four hour time frame.  However, it is wise to get with the City of Las Cruces Park Department AT LEAST two weeks prior to your planned event.  Call us and we can guide you through this process of renting a city park area.
    • Battle sites can work in so many different size homes and neighborhoods. You can join with your neighbors and play across multiple front yards. In cul-de-sac s, we can play across the common area and corresponding front yards. A lot of neighborhoods have common areas or parks that are open to its residence to have events like ours.
  • Whether you live in an apartment or a 500 acre spread, we can provide a fun filled experience for your special event. Looking to save money? Combine parties with other parents and share the costs!

Q. How much does it cost?

  • Our pricing can be found on the Pricing page. Look for the package that best suits your needs and select it. You will then be taken through the reservation and purchase process.
  • If you need to make a special request or reserve a time frame that is larger than a two hour block of time, please use our Contact Us page or call at:

    OFFICE:  (575) 993-5275

    CELL:  (575) 616-5038

Q. What are the rules for the deposit?

  • Deposits are non-refundable:  A minimum 8 day notice is needed for all reservation cancellations in order to apply your deposit to any available date and time within the next three months. Please see the Terms and Conditions page for a more detailed understanding.

Q. I made a deposit, what happens if there is impending inclement weather?

  • We will work with you on a replacement date for the event. B40B weapons can handle light rain/mist, but we understand that most players like to stay dry. However, don’t underestimate the fun your group can have even in light rain or wind. These attributes are nice when you are sweating profusely from so much fun.
  • There is normally a 2 - 3 day warning when inclement weather is on the way. If you start to have concerns, get in touch with us and we can work with you to come up with a solution.
  • Typical Las Cruces Weather sees rain move in and out quickly.

Q. How does B40B Mobile Combat LaserTag work?

  • B40B events are geared and configured for outdoor use. This allows the customer to enjoy the realism involved and the tactics and game play possible with the weapons we provide for battle play. Our weapons are built for realism on the battle field of play to include their weight, rate of fire, distance and accuracy. These are not the typical plastic weapons that are used in an indoor laser tag complex…NOT EVEN CLOSE.
  • Our weapons are battery operated with tethered sensors. They can shoot an infrared beam with great accuracy up to 2000 feet away.
  • Players are generally split into 2 teams (identified by colors) and then begin battle play that is based on two opposing forces. These battles average approximately 10 – 15 minutes in duration. When the battle time has expired the teams are informed who won the event. The location of entertainment (usually the customer’s property) will likely determine the types of battle game objectives due to size and availability of “cover and concealment” for the event. All weapons, respawn boxes, barricades, battle perimeters and the battles themselves are determined and controlled by B40B Field Marshalls.
  • We play on your field of choice, and perform multiple missions during a 1 to 2 hours time frame, sometimes even longer, depending on the package you have purchased. Our gear is super high tech – based on the same tech that the military uses for training. B40B is a very immersive experience – most say it’s like your favorite First Person Shooter video game come to life!

Q. Is it safe?

  • YES! B40B is quite safe. In fact it is safer than most sports or recreational activities. The equipment emits an IR (infrared) beam just like the one in your TV’s remote, but is focused with a lens and given a bit more power to travel farther. There is no “Laser” being used.
  • Our events are fully supervised to ensure a safe environment. In fact, during our safety briefing, we enforce a “10 foot” rule when playing due to the weight and size of our weapons. No safety equipment is required outside of what you decide to wear on your own. Here in the Southwest it is highly suggested that you use a high SPF rated lotion and be well hydrated when the event starts. Since not all hats work with the headband that you are required to wear, bandanas are highly encouraged.
  • We inspect all playing areas at the time of the event and provide a B40B Field Marshall who ensures that all players are playing safely and according to the pre-game safety briefing rules and guidelines.

Q. Does it hurt to play?

  • NO! We DO NOT use projectiles, such as paintballs or pellets, so there is no pain involved…Unless your pride is easily bruised if and when you lose to another team!

Q. What equipment will I have to wear?

  • B40B gear is very minimal without any burdensome equipment to wear. Since we don’t use projectiles, we don’t require any face or eye protection…YEAH!
  • As well, we don’t use bulky and sweaty vests. The only thing you will wear is a weapon which will be tethered to a headband that has 3 small sensors attached. Headbands are only used once per player and all head bands are washed and sanitized prior to being put back into use.

Q. What are your B40B weapons like?

  • B40B equipment is very advanced yet simple to use. After a short “Safety and Use” briefing, any player can operate their weapon with full confidence. Check them out here on the Armory page.

Q. How many people can play at once?

  • This number is totally dependent on the package being purchased, the size of the battlefield and/or the availability of weapons.  That being said, we like to keep the amount of players that are on the battlefield during game play to a maximum of 24 players.
  • As a guideline, tennis court size = small, whereas football field size = large; the smaller the field size the smaller the group. However, it is not uncommon to have spectacular game play on a typical residential lot (~.25 acre).
  • The participants will have a great time... even if you need to have more people “in play” than the recommended amount for the area that is being provided.  Even if you have a very large and have more participants than we have weapons, we can simply rotate participants in between game missions.

Q. Should I get a weapon upgrade?

  • While weapon upgrades aren’t necessary to have a blast playing, they are none-the-less very popular and often sell out! Our standard issue Razorback is a very capable weapon, with an adjustable stock and a real red dot scope. However, many people DO enjoy our T22 Raptor, M5 Stinger, M4 Carbine and AK47 weapon upgrades, as they have a unique look and feel, and players with upgrades have some serious advantages on the field of battle.
  • Upgrades definitely have a “wow” factor during play. Depending on which upgraded weapon you choose, upgrades may have a larger magazine so you don’t reload as often, or they may have a higher firing rate, or they may shoot farther, or give more damage to other players, or they may have more health so you can take more damage before being eliminated. Weapon upgrades are without a doubt, AWESOME!
  • The largest upgrade is the M2 .50Cal (MA DEUCE)!!  This behemoth is the envy of your foe when you using it to defend your base.  However this upgrade is usually only offered if the field of play is large enough to support it.

Q. Is a big group needed in order to play?

  • Absolutely Not!! Events are usually best when played with 5 or more players per team. It is recommended, however, to keep the minimum number of participants per team at 3.

Q. Where can we play?

  • B40B can be played outdoors, in the desert, in the woods or in an open field using our bunkers; even indoors, such as a gym or warehouse will work. There are endless possibilities, with only your imagination being the limit. If you do not have a suitable location contact us and we will try to help you locate one.
  • B40B can also be played in intermittent light rain/snow, in bright sunlight, or anything in between. Night time is a phenomenal experience with the blue and red LEDs lighting up the battlefield.  That being said, safety becomes a more prominent priority for younger age groups and adequate lighting for these younger groups is required for dark playing areas. This is often provided sufficiently by house lights, street lights, etc.

Q. Can we play indoors?

  • B40B can make this happen as well. A basketball court is easily a large enough area to have a good battle. We can even do overnight lock-ins with school and church youth groups. Playing this game in a dimly lit gym is an awesome experience.

Q. Can B40Bweapons be used in a tactical exercise (e.g. law enforcement, military)?


  • ABSOLUTELY! Unlike Paintball and Airsoft, B40B equipment performs more realistic and does not require any extra special safety gear. Participants can wear their own duty and/or battledress uniforms and train in the environment that they work. This allows for more realistic missions with a more acute sense of intensity and team building opportunities.


Q. Does B40B serve my area?


  • B40B events are provided within the greater Las Cruces, NM area. Please see the Service Area page for a better understanding of our service area.  Any bookings with a location outside if this area are subject to a "travel fee".  For the most accurate quote on mileage, you can give us a call or email us using our Contact Us page.

Q. How should I dress for a B40B event?

  • Participants are encouraged to wear closed-toed shoes for outdoor play. Long pants are suggested for playing in un-improved locations. Otherwise, just wear whatever is comfortable for movement in the playing area environment and weather. Players will be wearing a headband that might not fit over some hats.

Q. When do you arrive?


  • Depending on the type of event you reserve, we will be there 1 - 1.5 hours before the planned start time. If we run into traffic or other delays, we will call you with an update.
  • Please ensure your contact information is correct for the day of the event. Las Cruces area traffic isn't perfect, but we strive to be on time. If we are late, we will add that time to the end of the event or prorate the cost depending on flexibility of schedules.

Q. My question wasn't answered here. What should I do?


  • Use our Contact Us page or send us an email at or give us a call at:

    Office: (575) 993-5275

    Mobile: (575) 616-5038  or  (575) 520-9835

  • We are doing a lot of remote sites so if you don't get one of our staff members when you call, leave us a message and we will promptly get back to you.